We would like to introduce the members of our band to you. But first, the composition of the band.

The band currently consists of 23 playing members, part of which is still in the learning phase.

The musical direction of the band is formed by:
Pipe majorBen Wanders
Pipe sergeantvacant
Leading drummerBrendan Eckhardt
DrummajorKoos Ligthart
The instruction on the various instruments is taken care of by:
Instruction pipesBen Wanders
Luuk Dekker
Jaap de Reus
Max de Ruiter
Instruction snare drumsBrendan Eckhardt
Patrick Witsen
Instructie Tenors en
base drum
Patrick Witsen
At the moment our band composition is as follows:
Playing members pipe section10 + 2 guest players
Student pipers4
Playing members Snare drum5
Student snare drummer1
Tenor drummers3
Bass drummer1

We are always looking for new musical talents, even if you don’t have a musical background you’re welcome.

Feel free to come along and be inspired, we’ll tell you more about.