Arthur Troop Pipes and Drums members, dressed in the traditional Scottish uniform and wearing the original IPA International tartan, always ensure a special atmosphere.

Joyce Mul


“ Playing music through friendship” is the motto of the Arthur Troop Pipes and Drums(ATPD). The band consists of pipers, tenor-, bass- and snare drummers and was founded in 2008. It thanks its name to the founder of the International Police Association, Arthur Troop. The ATPD currently consists of men and women who work within the police and other occupations (civilian) in and around Alkmaar as well as 5 members from up north in the West Friesland area. Koos Ligthart from venhuizen has been a member for over 8 years now.

“I joined the band after hiring one for a special occasion, where I myself played the Drum. Enchanted by the piper and its music it did not take me long to pick up the technic as I already played trumpet and was able to read music. Averagely it takes about 1 tot 1 ½ years before you are able to play the basics and it all sounds reasonable. It does however require a great amount of persistence to finally catch the technics and are able to play the instrument the way it should be played


During the last decade the ATPD has performed at special and commemorable events. “Flikkendag” in Maastricht, celebration of our liberation on May 5th in Wageningen and “ Alkmaars Ontzet,” where the city celebrates its long lasting stand against occupation by the Spaniards in 1573. One of our major highlights was the celebration of our 10th anniversary which took us to Scotland and a fantastic performance at Stirling Castle. Add to this event the impressive and outstanding uniforms you may understand why we ourselves and the public are always impressed by our performances.

The day-dress or kilt is one of the finest in the world, consisting of a bright blue and called the IPA International tartan that is protected and registered in Scotland. This in combination with the the black waistcoat and coat, white socks and a glengarry, it makes a pleasant and colourful appearance. I myself am at the head of the band as the Drum major and am in full dress wearing a high bearskin containing Ostrich feathers as well as a IPA tartan plaid around the shoulder.

Waterweek Medemblik is a “home event” for the 5 members from West Friesland as it is situated in the area.