Welcome on the website of the Arthur Troop Pipes and Drums (ATPD)

A pipe band consisting of police officers and other musical members. Our name is connected to the founder of the International Police Association, Arthur Troop, who founded this association in 1950. We are proud to carry his name that was granted to us by the family and The IPA. The ATPD plays the Highland bagpipes, beter known as the Scottish bagpipe and is supported and accompanied by percussion instruments, snare, tenor and base drum.

We are proud to wear the IPA kilt and its tartan as our uniform. The blazers have a clear connection and resemblance with the National Police of the Netherlands.

Members of the ATPD are of different ages and share the same passion, playing traditional Scottish music, with respect and trust in each other. Its motto in Esperanto is “MUZIKI PER AMIKECO” , which translated means playing music through friendship.

Under this section you will find the members of the band who would like to introduce themselves to you or what has caused them to become members of the band.