Dear readers and website visitors,

As chairman it is a pleasure to welcome you on the website of the Arthur Troop Pipes and Drums.

We are a pipe band and have our “seat” in Alkmaar situated in the province of North Holland. Our name originates from the founder of the International Police Association, (IPA), Arthur Troop.

We are also very proud that, with agreement by the IPA, we are the only pipe band in the world that wear the IPA tartan. This tartan consists of a specific pattern which is owned by the IPA section United Kingdom, Region nr 1 Scotland.

Our band consists of enthusiastic police officers and civilians that have placed us in their hearts. Dressed in our uniforms we always create a special atmosphere at every occasion where we perform, this being a festival, fair or other special event. We also perform in small specific settings, it being a wedding celebration, a funeral, birthday and other special events.

If you wish to learn more about us and perhaps want us to perform for you, please contact us.

Our motto: Muziki per Amikeco originates from Esperanto. Translated in our language it stands for “making music through friendship”.  This we do with pleasure.

On behalf of our board of the Arthur Troop Pipes and Drums,

Erwin van Breemen,